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    How Does a Solar Battery Work?

    Most of the Home with Solar Panels, Generate power during daytime and supply it to the house first and any excess power Fed back to supplier or Retailer to earn Solar Feed in Tariff , This is where the Solar Battery system can help homeowners to store their access power when there is any shortfall from solar PV generation or at night time when sun is not shinning.

    Solar Inverter Types

    String Solar Inverters

    The most popular type of solar inverter. These inverters are connected to a string of solar panels linked together in series.

    Hybrid or Battery Ready Inverters

    Hybrid or battery ready inverters combine a solar inverter and battery inverter together in one simple unit. Most can also provide a basic level of backup power in the event of the blackout.

    Off-grid Inverters:

    Off-grid or stand-alone power systems require powerful battery inverters with inbuilt chargers which can be setup as either AC or DC coupled solar systems and have backup generator inputs incase of blackout

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    Types of Solar Batteries

    A solar inverter or PV inverter, is a type of electrical converter which converts the variable direct current (DC) output of a photovoltaic


    Lithium ion


    Lithium ion phosphate


    Nickel cadmium


    Cadmium 4 lead acid

    Our Latest Solar Battery Packages

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    • DC Coupled Battery System
    • Usable Energy :9.6-25.6kwh storage
    • Sungrow Hybrid Inverter
    • 10 year warranty
    • AC Coupled Battery System
    • On/Off Grid Application
    • Usable energy 10.1 & extendable
    • 10year warranty
    • Retrofit to any solar system
    • DC coupled Battery system
    • Usable energy 5.1-22.1
    • Fronius gen24 inverter
    • 10year warranty

    Knowing what’s the right solar battery solution for you

    • AC coupled Battery

      *Retrofit to any House or buildings with an existing Solar system with very little Modifications
      * Cost effective & Best solution to avoid any warranties issues later as you can keep your Solar system and Battery storage system warranty intact with their respective manufacturer and installer

    • DC coupled Battery:

      * High Efficient system for small house, auto or marine projects
      * Require Hybrid Inverter with controller and complex installation for larger units

    • Off -Grid Battery system:

      * High Efficient system for small house, auto or marine projects
      * Require Hybrid Inverter with controller and complex installation for larger units

    Why choose a solar battery with us?

    Solar Masters is one of the most experienced and best solar companies in Brisbane. Solar Masters, Family owned local business with an Engineer who is enthusiastic about solar energy, we focus on Quick and prompt customer service,superior quality, and system durability. As top solar providers in Brisbane, we self-assuredly stand by our complete system with our years of quality experience. We are local solar installers lending a hand to locals in Brisbane and regional QLD.

    At Solar Masters, we’re committed to bringing you the latest advancements in battery storage technology. Our range of options includes 10kW, 12.8kW, 16kW, 19.2kW, and 13.5kW battery storage solutions. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, we have the right battery capacity to match your energy needs. With our 10kW battery storage, you can power your home with clean, renewable energy, reducing your dependence on the grid. Need more power? Our 12.8kW and 13.5kW options provide increased energy security and savings.

    For larger-scale projects, our 16kW and 19.2kW battery storage systems are ideal for commercial use. Enjoy peace of mind, lower energy bills, and a smaller carbon footprint with Solar Masters’ top-tier battery solutions. Harness the power of the sun with Solar Masters’ advanced battery storage options. Make the switch to a sustainable, cost-effective, and energy-efficient future.


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