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Solar Inverter Installation in Brisbane

At the core of every solar power system is a solar inverter in Brisbane. Our solar power inverters turn the continuously varying DC power from the solar panels into a steady AC power supply. Selecting a higher quality inverter that is precisely accurate for your usage is quite critical for receiving maximum ROI.

At Solar Masters, we help you with high-quality solar inverter installation, solar inverter service, replacement of solar inverter, and solar inverter repairs in Brisbane. However, inverters have shorter life spans compared to solar panels, so going forward with a superior quality inverter is absolutely worth it in the long run. We have seen many customers selecting premium panels and a low-cost inverter, which puts at risk the overall performance of the complete set-up.

Different Types of Inverters

There are four types of inverters, grid-connected and hybrid inverters are linked to the electricity grid and divided into a string as well as micro inverters. Additionally, there are off-grid inverters for utilization across remote areas. And the central inverters are used for larger commercial solar arrays.

Solar Inverters are accountable for:

  • Ensuring the utmost amount of electricity is fetched from your solar panels
  • You get the best possible power during low light level scenarios
  • Monitor your solar system through WIFI, Bluetooth or on Display

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    Solar inverter Brands

    ABB(previously known as Aurora)

    One of the world’s largest providers of power conversion and power management solutions and the second largest manufacturer of solar inverters globally, Power-One (now under the ABB brand) products are used in thousands of home solar panel installations across Australia.

    Delivering optimised solar energy harvesting and featuring rugged yet stylish enclosures; ABB One inverters are perfect for Australia’s often harsh conditions.

    Through offering quality and affordable products and ongoing substantial investment in research and development, ABB has seen significant growth during the solar revolution.


    The known German solar inverter Brisbane manufacturer, is the world leader in the design and development of on – grid and off – grid photovoltaic inverter. The photovoltaic inverter is a central component in any solar power system. SMA can offer the right type of inverter for every type of photovoltaic module used around the world and every type of grid connected, isolated and backup operation application. SMA is the world market leader for photovoltaic inverters.

    Sun Grow

    Sungrow Inverters, one of the best, are turning heads in Australia – and with good reason.

    In 2011, it raced up the rankings by 12 positions to reach number 5 and last year was ranked the number 3 supplier of solar inverters in terms of global shipments. Sungrow is China’s largest string inverter manufacturer and over 3,000 megawatts capacity of its products are installed globally and has earned great reviews.

    All Sungrow units offering high efficiency and outstanding quality for inverters in this price range; leading respected industry publication Photon International to comment that a Sungrow solar inverter model it reviewed could rub shoulders with the best of the inverters it had tested to date.

    With optimized components and striking, robust design; SunGrow inverters are constructed to withstand Australian conditions.

    Listed on the Shenzen stock exchange; Sungrow has an office and warehouse in Australia.

    Fronius Australia

    The Solar Energy Division has been involved in photovoltaics since 1992 and sells its products through a global network of sales partners. Exceptional products and services are what make the Fronius Solar Energy Division the quality leader in the global market and a model of sustainability.

    Producing and selling quality
    The Solar Energy Division handles the sale of grid-connected inverters and energy storage solutions for three defined target groups: “Residential”, “Commercial” and “Utility”.

    Fronius Inverter continuously sets new standards worldwide with revolutionary products and new technologies. All Fronius devices are characterised by the very highest levels of quality, as they undergo numerous in-depth tests under state-of-the-art conditions.


    We are driven by the idea of a solar-power revolution. By creating reliable, affordable and easy-to-use solar inverters for all kinds of PV systems, we are revolutionizing access to solar power and bringing energy to everybody. To accomplish our revolution, we combine the best of two worlds: Chinese efficiency and German quality standards.

    Since our start in 2007, we have become one of the biggest solar inverter Brisbane manufacturers in China. In 2009, our idea grew into a movement, spreading to Europe and Australia. Since 2013, we have become a part of the world´s leading manufacturer of inverters for photovoltaic systems: SMA.

    Solax Power

    SolaX have developed a range of single phase inverters unrivalled in the industry for their quality, reliability and efficiency. The SolaX single phase inverters boast a wide MPPT voltage range to allow for more energy harvesting and have a maximum input voltage of 580V, with a maximum efficiency of 97.6%. In addition, SolaX single phase inverters are IP65 rated, have no internal fan and come with optional ‘plug & play’ WIFI. The dual MPPT ‘Boost’ range is also compatible with the new SolaX ‘Smart Plug’ which allows for device remote control.

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